Wood-fired bread - The product

A classic alpine-snack new interpreted.

Diverse toppings

Classics and new ways - something for everyone!

Bacon, onions and cheese

The hearty one

An aromatic touch of bacon, refined with onions and cheese make this bread a really flavoursome experience.

Scrambled egg and cheese

The fine one

Ideal as a breakfast, but also as a snack during the day. A must-have for any egg lover.

Salami, paprika and cheese

The zesty one

This savoury variation is characterised by a zesty and intense taste. The salami made in-house is the secret.

Ham and cheese

The classic one

The Alpine bread topped with a combination of ham and cheese is an alltime classic. Everyone knows and loves this taste!

Cheese and leek

The savoury one

Simple and delicious!
The savoury and fine raclette cheese ensures a real cabin feeling.

Tomato and mozzarella

Bruschetta Style

This Italian-influenced variant is a real feast for the palate.

Spinach and cheese

The vegetarian one

This new variation is the perfect snack for every vegetarian, but also for those who love variety.

Our packaging

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Additional advantages

Taste - Quality - Variations

Wood-fired crust

During baking, the surface of the loaf takes on a pleasant toasty flavour that combines with the aroma of the wood to give the bread a distinctively appetising taste. This traditional cooking method is unsurpassed even today.

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