Sandwichtoast - The product

The new snack in the frozen area.

The Variations

Classics, but custom fillings also possible.

Ham and cheese

The classic one

The ham and cheese toast is a classic, which is why this variation is also very popular as a Hot Pocket.


The vegetarian one

Simple and delicious!
Toast with savoury cheese is always a welcome choice. 

Bacon, onions and cheese

Austrian Style

Hearty bacon with onion and cheese for a unique taste experience.

Salami, cheese and paprika

The zesty one

has a strong flavour with salami made inhouse.

Tomato and mozzarella

Italian Style

buon appetito!
A touch of Italy at home.

Sour cherry

The sweet temptation

is a delicious snack option.


The fruity one

Toast with strawberry filling for the small snack in between.


The creamy one

The hit with children and sweet toothers.


The traditional one

as an afternoon snack or with coffee.

The toasts are suitable for a comprehensive variety of flavors, ask us for our ideas!

Our packaging

... as an example


Taste - Quality - Variety

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